Chairperson's Message

Message of the Ambassador


I am proud to be leading the management team of the Pakistan International School of Cairo (PISC), which has been providing affordable education to children of the expatriate community living in Cairo since the past 34 years. Initially conceived to cater to the needs of the Cairo-based Pakistani community, the school soon opened its doors to other members of the international community. High standards of academic excellence upheld by the teaching staff and cost-benefit quotient kept by the school management helped it gain name and fame in town.  The School now represents a symbol of cultural cooperation between Egypt and Pakistan and an emblem of multicultural milieu.  


The PISC aims at providing an enabling environment to the children, who are custodians of our future, to gain knowledge that helps build a better tomorrow. It is also a testimony to the commitment of the Embassy of Pakistan to provide affordable quality education to members of the international community. My personal association with the school goes over a decade back, when I served as its Director, in my capacity as then Deputy Head of Mission. While I worked with the management team, three of my children benefited from the quality education imparted by the School for over two years. I am pleased to rejoin this prestigious institution, now in my capacity as the Chairman, Board of Governors. I look forward to working with the teaching staff and the management team of the school to further ameliorate the academic standards and providing a conducive environment that opens hearts and minds of students while their parents feel proud of their achievements.


The role played by parents in maintaining the quality standards cannot be overemphasized. I would therefore like to invite them to help us identify areas that need improvement. Let us work together to achieve our shared goals of creating able custodians of our future. Having been closely associated with the management of the school in the past as also in the coming years, I would be amiss if I failed to express my thanks and appreciation to all those staff members of the school, high or low, who have contributed to the name and the fame that the school has earned over the past three and a half decades.


Mushtaq Ali Shah
Ambassador of Pakistan